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Bump the lamp (the Green)

ColAAb x Nicolas Momein

Bump the Lamp(the Green)(light fixture), 2023

Bronze green patina.
H 27.5 x W 20.5 x D 20 in

Numbered, signed and limited edition : 8 pieces + 4 A.P.

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The two luminaires Bump the Lamp of Nicolas Momein, one to be placed on the floor and the other on a piece of furniture, echo his tubular metal sculptures sewn by “Bulgomme”. The “Bulgomme” fabric (evocation of his childhood), generally used as a tablecloth, stain-resistant, shock-resistant, form with its folds design in space. The bronze casting produced in close collaboration with the foundryman, finely reproduces these patterns of folds but also the octagon alveoli of the rubber fabric are almost psychedelic. The organic, curved forms of the sculptures welcome and seem to protect the radiation from the light source.

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