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Vincent Lamouroux, born in Saint-Germain en Laye, lives and works in Paris.

He graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2002 with congratulations of the jury. In 2006, he was the recipient of the Ricard foundation’s award. His first solo exhibition took place in 2002 in Paris and his work has been subject to numerous personal and collective exhibitions since then. In Europe, he presented his

work at the Mamco in Geneva, at the Palais de Tokyo and the

Pompidou Center in Paris, at the IAC (Institut d’art contemporain)
in Villeurbanne and at the MacVal in Vitry. He also worked in the United States, particularly in Los Angeles at the end of the 2010s. His works are present in the collections of the National Center for Plastic Arts, the IAC, the FRAC Franche-Comté and Pays de la Loire.



Vincent Lamouroux’s work is positioned between sculpture and architecture, in a relationship to space and movement, a relationship that he describes as « ascending » in the real and philosophical sense. His installations, his constructions unfold from Scape, a stainless steel circuit that extends throughout the exhibition’s space (2005), to Attraction, hanging inflatable spheres (2008) or to Constellation, a corrugated parquet floor, hilly (2009). Over time, his architectural installations become more and more monumental and sometimes fit within the public space. Thus, in 2015, he created Projection, on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, he fully covers with whitewash a mythical and abandoned place, an old motel, its parking lot, and palm trees. The site becomes ghostly and appears as a point of rupture in the colorful universe of the city, in the Californian dream. Recently destroyed by a demolition company, the intervention had become viral on social media. In 2017, he again creates for the Martell corporate foundation a mineral and vegetal landscape covered with white lime, par Nature. Between past, present and future, he dialogues with the utopias, the history of art and architecture and questions our time, the worrying virtualization of the world and the attention deficit that accompanies it. His bookshelf thus wants to reconnect with time, with books, « with a form of particular attention. »

Orbis bookshelf
Vincent Lamouroux’s bookshelf is made of Burgundy oak, made with the craftsmen of a sawmill from solid barrels. It is a circular bookshelf whose modular shelves can be assembled as a rounded tower, played fully or partially. The artist has created two models of bookshelf:Orbis 2.1 and Orbis 4.2 ; the one composed of 7 to 60 modules and 82,7 inch diameter and the second one composed of 7 to 168 modules and 165,4 inch diameter. Thses two towers can be built on a larger or smaller scale at by its owner depending on the number of modules selected. Vincent Lamouroux proposes several shapes/sculptures composed of a certain number of modules and thus « the owner becomes somehow an actor of the shape he chooses to generate ». It is scalable and can evolve over time; some modules can also be used as a sitting piece or benches when combined. Orbis is disposed in an arc and, such a sculpture, is located and inhabits the space of the room where it is placed. Its repeated strata will gradually rise and create a sculptural composition with different depths insofar as a subtle game of balance/imbalance is generated by the barely perceptible irregularity of each module.


Projects ColAAb
Orbis (bookshelf), 2023

Solid oak of Burgundy

Modules : inside height 13 in/ width 21,5 in: depth of the board 1,1 in, or by superposition two modules: 2,1 in.

Model type :
Orbis 2.1 and Orbis 4.2

Numbered, signed and limited edition : 8 pieces + 4 A.P

Certificate and instructions of realization. The work is a set of modules that can be matched with
each other depending on the number selected and the needs of the purchaser.