Orbis (Bibliothèque)

ColAAb x Vincent Lamouroux

Orbis (bookshelf), 2023

Solid oak of Burgundy
Modules : inside height 13 in/ width 21,5 in: depth of the board 1,1 in, or by superposition two modules: 2,1 in.

Complete tower : 168 modules
Diameter of the tower : 165,4 in
Dimensions of a module : H 15,5 x W 21,5 x D 11,8 in

Model type :Orbis 2.1 and Orbis 4.2

Orbis 2.1

Complete tower : 60 modules (5 levels superimposed)
Diameter of the tower : 82,7 in

Dimensions of a module : H 15,5 x W 21,5 x D 11,8 in

4 shapes/sculptures proposals :

Form A : around 10 modules

Form B : around 20 modules

Form C : around 40 modules

Form D : complete tower 168 modules

Orbis 4.2

5 shapes/sculptures proposals :
Forme A : around 10 modules
Forme B : around 20 modules
Forme C : around 40 modules
Force D : around 80 modules
Forme E : complete tower 168 modules

Numbered, signed and limited edition : 8 pieces + 4 A.P
Certificate and instructions of realization. The work is a set of modules that can be matched with each other depending on the number selected and the needs of the purchaser.

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Vincent Lamouroux’s bookshelf is made of Burgundy oak, made with the craftsmen of a sawmill from solid barrels. It is a circular bookshelf whose modular shelves can be assembled as a rounded tower, played fully or partially. The artist has created two models of bookshelf:Orbis 2.1 and Orbis 4.2 ; the one composed of 7 to 60 modules and 82,7 inch diameter and the second one composed of 7 to 168 modules and 165,4 inch diameter. Thses two towers can be built on a larger or smaller scale at by its owner depending on the number of modules selected. Vincent Lamouroux proposes several shapes/sculptures composed of a certain number of modules and thus « the owner becomes somehow an actor of the shape he chooses to generate ». It is scalable and can evolve over time; some modules can also be used as a sitting piece or benches when combined. Orbis is disposed in an arc and, such a sculpture, is located and inhabits the space of the room where it is placed. Its repeated strata will gradually rise and create a sculptural composition with different depths insofar as a subtle game of balance/imbalance is generated by the barely perceptible irregularity of each module.



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