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Everybody gets lighter (light fixture)

ColAAb x Morgane Tschiember

Series of Everybody gets lighter (light fixture), 2022-2023

Windows (wood, glass, metal), paint, light
H 31 x W 19 in

Unique piece.

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Morgane Tschiember's work is multifaceted: paintings, sculptures, installations, photos, performances, working all materials (concrete, wood, ceramics, rope, metal, expanding foam, sand, glass, …) and experimenting with correspondences and “relationships of force between materials”. Then in her series, she always let's appear the construction elements, the stages of transformation, the seams, "the manufacture’s system of the parts”.

Everybody gets lighter
The windows by Morgane Tschiember, created especially for ColAAb, are based on one of the history of painting’s great themes, the window, the openness to the world, while referring, as always, to elements of her own story. By living in the highest building in Paris, she says she can't “stop looking at the sky all the time” and making photo series. Those photos gave birth to this new series of hybrid creations, half artwork, half “lightning source” object. Her windows invite us to meditate. These colour gradations lead us to the day's pink hour or other key moments. Indeed, it is easy to forget that each hour of the day or night is bathed in a different light and intensity. The windows are framed in a case where emanates a neutral light; they could open, with their handle shaped in the infinity symbol, on an unknown world, to follow the artist's quest who says: “All my work ranges from physics to metaphysics”.

Photos: © Morgane Tschiember - Texts by Pascale Le Thorel

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