Minimal light

ColAAb x Nicolas Delprat

Minimal Light  (light fixture), 2022
Acrylic paint, neons.
Wall-Painting H 59.1 x W 39.4 in; neons H 39 ø 0.4 in x 3.
Numbered, signed and limited edition: 8 pieces + 4 A.P.
The work is a concept that can also be revised according
to a protocol depending on the needs of the buyer.


Certificate and production instructions. The work is a concept that can be revised according to the protocol depending on the needs of the buyer.


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Nicolas Delprat’s work is built in relation to cinema and art history in a minimalist approach. His paintings and installations’ main theme is light. He aligns himself with a tradition that goes back to the very invention of painting by Callirhoe of Sycione (Pliny the Elder tells us in his Natural History that, in love with a young man who was leaving for a foreign country, "she surrounded with lines the shadow of his face projected on a wall by the light of a lantern") to the paintings of Caravaggio or Georges de La Tour. In the 20th century, the representatives of op'art, minimal and conceptual art, in turn, entered into a dialogue with light and Nicolas Delprat's paintings of "memories of light" resonates with the works of Dan Flavin and James Turrel in particular.


Nicolas Delprat light fixture Minimal Light, can be realized in situ by the artist or the purchaser according to the instructions given with the certificate. Minimal Light is composed of three white neons placed vertically and at equidistance on a wall-painting, divided into two parts horizontally. At the top, the neons’ reflection on the lacquered and shiny surface doubled the motif and creates a mirror effect that reflects the environment. Below, the deep matte surface absorbs the light. According to Nicolas Delprat, Minimal Light is a light installation that « can very much illuminate the space it is located in », to make it perceived, but also to give it a particular quality, that of the impalpable presence of art.


Photos: © Aurélien Mole - Texts by Pascale Le Thorel


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