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ColAAb x Angelika Markul

Tchouri (coffee table), 2022
Bronze, black satin patina
H 15.7 x ø 51.2 in
Numbered, signed and limited edition: 8 pieces + 4 A.P.

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Angelika Markul does videos, installations, and sculptures. Her work unfolds around art and science, fiction and memory and questions our relation with nature, universe, time. She explores wild and ancestral territories and vanished civilisations’ history but also takes a more political look at places where disasters happened (Fukushima, Tchernobyl…).
For ColAAb, Angelika Markul who is passionate about design, created a coffee table et two light fixtures, pieces of furniture very minimalist and poetic which echo her latest works.

In her film Mémoire des glaciers (2019), Angelika Markul shows images from the planet Tchouryumov-Gerasimenko, known as Tchouri, an iced star, considered as a fossil from the solar system formation. Scientists think that its organic seeds could have been at the origin of life on earth. Fascinated by this story, Angelika Markul photographed part of the comet’s 3D model, gifted by the French Centre national d’études spatiales researchers, resulting thereafter in the crystallization of the star’s fragment in bronze. The coffee tabletop rests on three feet ; its black satin patina is as if sculpted by the artist. The smooth surface but animated by small reliefs composes a poetic landscape, a call to journey through time.

Photos: © Aurélien Mole - Texts by Pascale Le Thorel

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