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La Voie d’or (table basse)

ColAAb x Xiao Fan Ru

La voie d’or  (coffee table), 2022
Stand in bronze, aged gold patina, glass top.
H 13.8 x ø 44.1 in (variable dimensions).
Signed, numbered, limited edition: 8 + 4 A.P.
Top available in travertine, marble, glass or petrified wood.

This piece can be a side table.

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In China, bamboo has always been the artists, poets and philosophers’ favourite subject. In recent years, it has become one of the motifs of Xiao Fan Ru's paintings and sculptures. It shows its simplicity and the elegance of its lines, its resistance, its capacity to bend without breaking, to soar, straight, towards the light, to surround, to protect, by the strength of its eternal return. It also evokes its more hidden, metaphysical, spiritual meaning, according to the Confucian tradition of the search for the middle ground. The idea is to be inspired by the momentum of the bamboo and to progress in an infinite spiral movement, in harmony with nature and the world. According to these principles, the shape of the circle, open, represents a way (the tao) where the emptiness is offered to the inner resonance, to the circulation of the breath. The cicadas, whose moult is another metaphor in ancient Chinese culture, rest on the bamboo trees, symbolizing life, death and rebirth.

This middle ground is golden in our troubled times, and so it is on this philosophical foundation that Xiao Fan Ru has named this series of sculptures, in which our coffee table and our sofa end are part of: La Voie d’or. In the words of the artist: « La Voie d’or is a bronze table combining the fragile and the resistant, grace and gravity. It is an invitation to shed the weight of the world through the regulation of ordinary use, the rightness".

Photos: © Aurélien Mole - Texts by Pascale Le Thorel

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